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Living by the Louvre

Rare, three-bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment
two steps away from the Tuileries and the Louvre
2 995 000 Euros*

*Agency fees included, Current USD value: $3 225 000
Tuilleries, Paris

There are many prestigious neighborhoods in Paris, but in the very heart and center of Paris, there is the one and only: the 1st arrondissement. This is the center from which the shape of Paris spirals

 out into its current 20 arrondissements. Home to the Louvre, the Tuileries Gardens, the Palais Royal, the rue du Rivoli, and the Place de la Concorde, the 1st arrondissement has gained even more attention and value in recent years as a result of several extraordinary renovations, including the Samaritaine and the Pinault Collection. The district is not only monumental but also offers its share of neighborhood cafés and shops, making it both charming and grandiose.

In this neighborhood, there are several world-famous luxury hotels (Le Meurice, La Regina), but it is very rare to find a 177m2 family apartment such as this one located on the rue du 29 juillet. Equally rare, the building from the year 1820 is a perfect architectural example of the post-Empire, pre-Haussman style.  It offers monumental features such as large pillars and a large, stone staircase, but is less ornate than the later Haussman style.

The 3rd-floor apartment offers

- a spacious living room (35,6m2)

- a study with a built-in library (22,4m2)

- a fitted kitchen open to the dining room (31,8m2)

- three bedrooms including the master bedroom (24,5m2)

- two bathrooms and a third separate WC

- dedicated laundry space

- 3-meter-high ceilings with classical moldings. 

The current configuration can be modified to create two separate apartments.

A buyer interested in certain items of furniture is welcome to make an offer to include these.


Apartment Interior views
four "before and after" simulations

Interior simulaion "before/after"

Four 3D simulations are provided below in order to facilitate your visualization of what the apartment might look like with a more contemporary decoration. Three rooms have been chosen for this simulation: the dining room/kitchen, living room, master bedroom and bathroom. You can access each by clicking on the forward arrow below. 

A full set of actual photos is presented in the following section. 

Entry & Living Room

Apartment Interior views

Main entrance and living room

There are two entries to the apartment (potentially three). A wide, red-carpet staircase leads to the grand entrance. A second staircase and elevator leads to the back entrance next to the kitchen. 


The main entry opens into a spacious foyer, providing access to the living room, a study, an independent WC, a bathroom, and a hallway leading to other rooms.

Click on any photo below for an enlarged view.

Study & Library

The study room (or office) is a separate sitting room with wide openings from the foyer through to the dining room and kitchen. With views onto the courtyard, it is a quiet room even with the windows open. The room features contemporary, custom-built shelving. 

Kitchen & Dining Room

The kitchen and dining area form one spacious single room. The kitchen is fully equipped, but may be worth updating to the new owner's preferences.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

The three bedrooms include one master bedroom on the street side, with an adjoining bathroom, a second bathroom with a street view and an ensuite bathroom, and a third bedroom on the courtyard side, with a pull-down murphy bed.  A third WC is accessed from the entry hall.