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Discover the 20 arrondissements of Paris

Which would you make your home?

Spiraling out from its historical center, Paris is divided into 20 administrative districts, each of which contains distinctive neighborhoods that cater to a wide array of lifestyles, sensitivities, and aesthetic preferences.

  • Plush, stately, and conservative: 7th, 8th, 9th, 16th, parts of 17th,

  • ​Elite, chic, and overrun by tourists: 1-7, as well as Montmartre when it comes to tourists,

  • ​Progressive,  shabby-chic charming-chic, eco-friendly: 11th, parts of the 13th (Butte aux Cailles), 18th (Lamarck/Caulaincourt), 20th

  • The "village-feel": 12th-20th with such names as Bercy-village, Butte aux Cailles, Belleville, Charonne, Ménilmontant, Montmartre,  Batignolles, Passy, Autueil,

  • Kosher: 4th, 12th, 16th, 19th (but with different traditions),​

  • Intensely "ethnic": 10th, 13th, 18th, 19th,​

  • Predominately residential: 12th-17th (and the southern part of the 7th)

You'll notice that some may fit more than one tag because a single arrondissement covers different types of neighborhoods. In reality, the "arrondissement" is too big of a cut to be of much use, and it's a pity that people generalize on that basis alone. This is particularly the case for the largest arrondissements. 

With extensive knowledge of the entire city acquired on the ground for over 20 years, we at Exquisite France will help you find the neighborhood that's right for you.

Enjoy an exploration of the 20 Paris arrondissements using our interactive map and a photo/text presentation of each. 

Paris arrondissements map
Paris map
Paris by arondissement
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