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I created EXQUISITE FRANCE with a mission to carefully seek out a French property that is right for you and help make it yours. Having found your way here, most likely through word of mouth, you too have been carefully sought out. Maybe you have felt the call to France and to a life that is more exquisite? 

EXQUISITE FRANCE is a fully licensed real estate agency offering a bouquet of services to accompany you across the cultural bridge. However rewarding, the "crossing" is beset with elaborate and often subtle cultural, linguistic, and administrative challenges. For the best results in navigating the complicated French real estate market, you'll be better off with a partner who knows all the ropes and can effectively represent you throughout the search and acquisition process. 

The crossing is also as much about soul-searching as it is house-hunting. Real estate is but a backdrop to real life. This is what I've conveyed in a book called You Seek, I Find. relating selected client cases.

Have you felt the call to France, either for a permanent or secondary home?

Maybe your home will be in Paris (a good place to start), or maybe beyond, into the marvelously diverse provinces nestled between mountains and seas. Either way, I can help you understand what your search is all about, and find the place where to make manifest your aspiration.


EXQUISITE is derived from the latin exquisitus, meaning "carefully sought-out".

Our world needs fewer walls and more bridges.

Paris is a city of bridges, and from the day I arrived, my life has become variations on a theme of bridging cultural divides.  

Having grown up in Austin, Texas, I came to France fresh out of university, visibly smitten. To understand why I came--and why so many others do as well--would require nothing less than at least one book. I did write one, and called it EXQUISITE: Facets of my France.

After over a decade on a corporate career path, I leaped into the entrepreneurial unknown and carved out my mission to work for individual clients who were following my footsteps to a new life in France.

In summary:

  • I have lived and worked in France for 30 years, both in executive positions and as an entrepreneur, half of which have been dedicated to real estate. 

  • I am bilingual and bi-cultural. This is key to achieving your goals in France because the culture and the rules are subtle and complex. Not all problems can be solved by throwing money at them.  Sometimes it's as easy as remembering to say "bonjour".

  • My strengths include deciphering French legal texts as well as the French mind. I have a history of people problem-solving and can get you through the roughest waters to your destination.

  • I have a book of happy clients, now property owners in France, who mean the world to me. I'd like you to be one of them.

You can read more about me on and contact me for a consultation here.


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EXQUISITE FRANCE is a sole proprietorship, and the work I do is always based on a personal relationship with you, my clients. My success is equally based on relationships with an ecosystem of experts and service providers, selected according to your needs.

The most significant of these are specialized real estate lawyers (notaires), fiscalists, real estate agents, accountants, mortgage brokers, banks, insurance brokers, architects, interior designers, general contractors,  property managers, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, and miscellaneous service providers. 

When it comes time to get the work done, any one of these may play a critical role. The quality of relationships and a shared commitment to the client are key to success when things get messy.


"Carsten's superior market knowledge, his vast network connections & his charismatic, welcoming attitude made the buying process so much easier."  - S. Stone 

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Why Seek Me Out
Exquisite France - My Mission
Workig together



If you have felt the call of France, if you have lingered in its light and reveled in its luxuries, if you have succumbed to its passions and tasted of its delicacies, you may wonder what it is all about, beyond your own delight. Paris is an apotheosis in the human quest to exalt and sublimate the senses. It is a place of things exquisite.

You Seek, I Find is a collection of true stories (albeit slightly tampered) about property searches I have personally performed for clients in France over the years. The search the search process was often as thrilling as the final reward. 

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EXQUISITE FRANCE est une marque de Parler France Properties SARL

Au capital social de 2000 Euros

Représentée par son Gérant, Carsten Sprotte

Siège social: 40 rue Alexandre Dumas - 75011Paris

R.C.S. Paris 803800374

Carte Professionnelle : CPI750120190000417


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