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purchase & move-in assistance

Purchase Assistance

Purchase assistance is included when you hire us for a property search, but perhaps you found the property on your own, and suddenly have become aware of all the things you do not know about purchasing property in France. It's not too late for us to step in and steer you clear of the numerous pitfalls.

Before signing a pre-sales agreement, these are just a few of the matters that may be on your mind: 

Is there a way to reduce my transaction tax? What can be done if the building doesn't allow furnished rentals? 

Should you go ahead with the purchase if the building reports termites? Under what conditions?

What if water damage has been detected but not corrected? How will you evaluate the condition of the roof?

How much will it cost to bring the property up to energy-efficiency standards?

You need someone with experience to avoid costly errors.

If you decide to proceed with the purchase, there will be another task list for which you may require assistance. This includes: acquiring a homeowner insurance contract, opening a French bank account, setting up utilities & internet, communicating with the co-owner association (syndic), and installing basic furnishings.

You'll need someone on the ground who knows the ropes.


renovations & Repairs


Your new home will most likely require some renovation or redecoration. At the very least, there will be a thing or two to be fixed. In contrast to the USA, where sellers will assiduously prepare their properties before putting them on the market, French sellers will most often do as little as possible, assuming the buyers will prefer to redo everything according to their preferences. 

Although purchasing a turn-key property is easier, the likelihood of find exactly what you like is slim, and you will also pay a premium.

It is a good idea to widen your options to include all properties offering the perfect potential. Having your apartment renovated when you're far away sounds daunting, but we have done it again and again, and what fun it is to show up with your suitcases in a new home that has been prepared for you!


Rest assured, the renovations will be well-executed. We'll provide you a shortlist of trusted contractors and interior designers, arrange for meetings and. estimates, and let you choose the one that's right for you. You won't need to be physically present during the duration of the renovation, only available online to validate choices made along the way.

If you only require small jobs or repairs, we also have a list of competent and trustworthy specialists. Just wait until the day when you lock yourself out of your apartment and you'll learn how valuable that is!

Property management

Property Management

In most cases, your French property is a secondary residence.  You require someone to look after it when you're not there. Depending on the amount of time you expect to spend at your second home, you may want to rent it by the month. Note that in Paris and most major cities, rentals of second homes for periods of less than a month are now illegal, in an attempt to counter the Airbnb revolution. 

We can advise you precisely on what you can and cannot do in terms of rental, and suggest a trusted rental management company with a verified track record. 


If you have no intent to rent at all, we can arrange regular services to take care of the apartment, such ass:

occasional visits to flush toilets, check for leaks, check windows, water plants, and any other items you list. We can also have it prepared for you, your family, or for guests, upon request.

We can represent you at co-owner meetings when you cannot be there or if you don't speak French. 


Selling your French property

Selling your French Propet

Selling your second home or investment property in France without being physically present calls for an agent you can count on beyond the scope of the common corner agency. You'll need someone not just to find a buyer but to manage the entire process in your absence. This often includes performing mandatory diagnostics, terminating utilities and internet contracts, shaping up or staging the property for sale, disposing of certain furnishings, and coordinating repairs.

When it comes to finding the right buyer, EXQUISITE FRANCE can, as a licensed agent, represent your property directly, on and off-market, while at the same time maximizing its reach to international buyers in partnership with well-known names in Parisian real estate. You can think of us as a project manager, bringing on board as many qualified agents as needed to sell your property well.

Alternatively, if the property is not in a location that we can easily service, we can help you find and select the most qualified local agent.

Our goal is to find the best buyer for you using the most effective means. The bottom line is your satisfaction.

Read what our clients have to say.

Featured properties for sale

Below is a current selection of properties, either represented directly or to which we have priviledged off-market access. 

Featured properties
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