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Let us be Light

A Call for Change - 50 pages

Released - June 2020

Something extraordinary and unprecedented is underway. Maybe you feel it like an animal before the storm. Maybe you know it, because you are well informed and gravely concerned. Humankind is due for a date with destiny. The challenges seem insurmountable, yet each holds the potential for an unimaginable breakthrough and an irreversible bifurcation.

There is already light breaking through, even where most only see dark and doom. You have been waiting for this breakthrough. In your own life. For yourself, for your children, and for all mankind.

You have been waiting for the great event--the turning point--but all the while everything else has been waiting on you. Until this moment, you have not fully grasped that everything you do matters. Yes, everything down to the way you bring your water to boil. That boiling point is near, and now as the steam rises and dissipates into the air, this intuition begins to penetrate your being: I am not alone in this universe and not separate from it. Everything is absolutely connected and interdependent.

Will you make the first step? It’s not a huge leap, it’s a step that is close in. So small and insignificant, yet able to unravel the entire knot that is you--that is our world.

A Call for Change - 50 pages
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