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D é j à

Your new life in France is déjà as good as real!

View of Eglise Saint-Paul in the Marais
In this issue:

Views on views

Tell me your view on views.

If you could choose an ideal view for your Paris apartment, what would that view be?

A monument, a church, a park, a square, a charming courtyard, a particular street, the rooftops of Paris, or maybe any of those? Faced with such enticing options, perhaps you’d just prefer to have destiny decide?


In this issue all about views, and from every angle, I’ll offer you some peeks of views from apartments I have found or managed for clients. Some are views to die for (or live for) depending on your viewpoint. Others, less spectacular, nonetheless offer an enthralling Paris scene that becomes a distinctive feature of that apartment’s living experience.


I’ll take you to the top of Montmartre for quite a view, and also to Marseille to offer some perspective on the most ancient remnants of France.


Under the Buyer's Guide page, I'll volunteer my viewpoint on real estate price trends.

The Finer French page will introduce you to altérité, as a way to reconsider your view of others.


To wrap it all up, I’ve composed an ode to the unsung wrought-iron railings that adorn classic Parisian apartment buildings and are an integral part of almost every view. These were my inspiration when crafting the Exquisite France logo.

This fourth issue of Déjà Magazine introduces a new format that allows for easier reading on a mobile phone, and also better access to extended media content. 

Sit back and enjoy the views!

Is it déjà the end?
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More about Carsten Sprotte,

Chief editor and writer for Déjà magazine,

Founder and CEO of Exquisite France.

Let's make your new life in France déjà as good as real!

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