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Once in a new moon

Introducing Déjà, a digital magazine

France may be more lunar than solar. Think of it that way when groping with its culture. Anglophones will be quick to jest: “well that explains the lunacy!”

But I mean something quite different. The French culture is layered in subtleties, and that’s what makes it exquisite. Like the cycles of the moon, such subtleties have no official, outright recognition, and yet they are the mysterious pull behind the rising and falling tides.

This is why, contrary to common practice, I intend to issue Déjà once in a new moon. The content will likewise remain subtle. More of a magazine than a newsletter. No shouting about what you should be doing with your time and money. Only an invitation to deepen your experience.

From the poetic to the practical, with images and words, there will be something for any self-respecting Francophile and potential homeowner in France. You may sense that your draw to live in France goes beyond clichés, without entirely knowing what it's about. France is a destination, but is also your journey.

Keep reading and you're déjà on your way.


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