top of page Your homehunting partner in Paris and beyond.

Find your dream home.

An apartment in Paris? Maybe a château beyond?

Meet your dedicated search consultant with ExquisiteFrance,

who'll open all the right doors

and support you until you're settled in.

Save money with better-informed decisions.

Save time with better connections.

ExquisiteFrance guides you through house-hunting (and soul-searching),

in Paris and beyond.

Let's take the journey together!

Your new life in France is déjà as good as real.

What we offer


Here's what we'll do for you:


- Help you define where you really want live, and specify the criteria for your future home.


- Search and find that home, thanks to connections in and knowledge of the local real estate (flea) market.

- Inform your decision with sound data and negotiate the best terms.

- Perform due diligence and mitigate the risks.

- Connect you with renovation contractors and other services

you may need (banks, insurance, utilities)


- Support you until comfortably settled in. 

managing your french property while abroad

Once you've found your home, a whole host of needs arise that are difficult to manage from abroad, including insurance claims, relations with the building management, maintenance, taxes, and providing access to guests.

We're here to help with these and other potential needs.  

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