The sweet life on Ile Saint Louis

Updated: Oct 14

Pont Marie - 997 000 Euros - 66m2 - 2 bedrooms

Ile Saint-Louis will always remain a haven in the heart of Paris. Many pass through for a taste of its famous Berthillon ice cream, but there is a serenity and a dignified discretion than reign on this sanctified island. It has its own church--l’Eglise Saint Louis en Ile--as well as the best view on Notre Dame, but the island is an edifice unto itself, a living museum that will always remain true to its singularity.

To get a feel for it, you have only to go for a stroll in the early-morning hours, when the aspen leaves rustle and the Seine quitely ripples. Then, when it is time to plunge into all that Paris has to offer, you simply choose a bridge, make a wish, and there you’ll be.

Download a complete presentation (in English or French) of this 66 square meter, 2-bedroom apartment on the 3rd-floor of a 17th-century building, located less than a minute's walk to the Seine.

Sales Presentation 2Ponts
Download PDF • 7.33MB

Presentation 2Ponts - version FR
Download PDF • 7.34MB

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