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Oh my château!

A château search is a next-level game compared to a "routine" apartment search.

No measure of imagination has prepared me.

"Oh my château!", so I swear, they are not always fairy tales!

There have been thrillers, upsets, and near regrets. It was only a couple of months ago that I was sitting on the bench pictured above, with magic in the air. The end to that story is still too fresh to tell, but you can read about how things started in this previous blog post.

This 2nd issue of Déjà Magazine is dedicated to châteaux, much to the delight of those who fancy them, and for good measure of forewarning to those who plan to acquire one. A château is not an investment (even though it does hold value); rather, it is a great endeavor with the potential to enrich you beyond its price. Owner and steward, you will become the heir to a century-old legacy. As you progressively inhabit its myriad rooms, the château will also inhabit you. By surrendering to something greater than yourself, the château may confer upon you its inherent nobility. You must not seek to impose your will and whims. If you do, it will resist until you abandon its walls.

So it is with the entire grand edifice of French culture. Prepare yourself for noblesse.

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